Paul Mitchell is dedicated to making people feel beautiful both inside and out. When you choose Paul Mitchell, you’re supporting many charity efforts around the globe. Our loyal fans have helped us plant forests of trees, protect our natural resources, feed thousands of children, and much more.
Olaplex does not interfere with color processing. It works independently to reform broken bonds that are not reforming properly with peroxide. It’s simple to use and completely safe. New chemistry… New superpowers.

Brasil Cacau is a natural keratin treatment with results for up to 3 months. This process restructures the hair making it smooth and
frizz-free with an incredible shine. Some keratin treatments are known to strip colour but not this one in fact its violet pigments prevent any brassy tones during the service.

Parlux is an Italian manufacturer of hair dryers and other related hair care electrical appliances. These appliances are increible quality and are extremely reliable in salon and provide the best outcome on the hair.

Inca Glow is the first to market hair smoothing system that contains 11 organic amino acid and that is formulated with natural & organic ingredients. It’s 100% safe for all hair types, clients and professionals.


Evo Fab Pro is a unique customised colour conditioner that gives you the ability to perfectly match and maintain any hair colour in-between salon visits. It can be used to tone hair that throws warmth or temporarily change the colour of your hair (eg. adding brunette over existing blonde or going pink).

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